Heating Services




If you live in the New England region, then there is only one name that you should think of when you need to have your house heating installed or repaired.

We do it all! Below, we’ve included some of the services that we offer that you might find useful. Read on to find out more!


Heating installation

We all know that the winter months in New England can be absolutely brutal. The winds come from the Atlantic Ocean and whip right through our region, leaving us freezing. Luckily, this situation is our specialty. We offer a variety of heaters that can be installed at your home for a very low cost. If you get an installation during one of our special promotions, you might even be able to get a free installation! We also will put your name in a raffle for a free installation if you sign up to our monthly newsletter!

Anyway, we have so many heaters to choose from at our store. We can truly accommodate almost any budget for those who are interested in purchasing a heater. This can be truly helpful when you need to stay warm but have a tight budget.

The process usually goes like this: you will come to our store and talk with our highly trained and knowledgeable staff about what heater you should get. Then, you’ll select your heater and pay for it up front. Then, you can choose a day for our staff to come over and install the heating unit. When that day comes, our people will be over there and get your heating set up right quick!


Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end. If you are unfortunate enough to have your heating go out on you during the winter months, then you can give us a call. Our technicians are extensively trained at Virginia Beach Heating & Air Conditioning and are highly useful in diagnosing and fixing the problem.