Air Conditioning



For all of your air conditioning needs, call Ecologic HVAC. We have everything that you might possibly need to make sure that you house stays cool when it gets hot outside.

A lot of people may think that air conditioning is not necessary when living in New England. However, if you’ve ever spent the summer here, you know that’s just not the case. There are plenty of days when it gets quite hot. Pair that with lots of lakes and trees and you get the kind of humid heat that will leave you lethargic on the couch, unable to move. We have what you need to have a cool house. You’ll be back up doing things around the house in no time. We offer a variety of services when it comes to air conditioning. We’ve listed some of the major ones below. Feel free to get in touch with us for an inspection or a free quote! Read on below to see some of the things that we offer.



A lot of folks in the Northeast will try to hold out on air conditioning to save money. We don’t think that there’s anything wrong with saving money, but we would like to let you know that we offer a whole range of air conditioning units at affordable prices. This will ensure that you can keep saving cash while getting a great unit. We also offer very low installation rates. In fact, with some of our air conditioning units, installation is free! Imagine that! We also have promotions that will allow you to get the lowest priced installation that you can possibly get. We beat out all of our competitors!


If you already have a unit, chances are that you will need to get a repair. Thankfully, we have that service as well. Our entire staff is expertly trained to solve all of your air conditioning unit problems!