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If you need some HVAC service, we’ve got you! We have all of the services and all of the tools that you may need to solve any problems you may have with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Some of you may be skeptical. You might be thinking, when will I ever need help with that? My heating and air conditioning work just as they should, and the as the old motto goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” While you might be right, there are some things that you will surely have to take into consideration. We’ll present some real life stories of clients that we’ve served. We’re convinced that after you read them, you’ll be onboard with us for all of your HVAC needs!

Story 1: Tonya

Tonya is a client of ours who lives in Vermont. One of the things that is notable about Vermont is that the winters can be brutally cold. In addition, they can get a ton of snow. Even the best insulation can’t stand up to those biting northeastern winds. Last year, Vermont got pelted with a snowstorm that was one of the worst that they had in years. During the storm, one of the parts of her heating unit broke, resulting in the house having no heat for several days. After the second day, Tonya called us in desperation. “Nobody can make it out to our house, and we’re freezing without heat!” she said. We took the call right away and high tailed it over to her place. She wasn’t kidding when she said that nobody was able to make it out to her house. There was about two and a half feet of snow covering this dirt driveway that was a quarter mile out to her small cabin in the woods. Thankfully, we brought our best HVAC repair brigade with a heavy duty truck with all wheel drive. We had no problem getting back to her house. We went right to work and located the problem with her heating system. We had the right parts on hand and fixed the issue in a matter of hours. We also noticed that the ventilation was not very efficient in her house. We did some investigation and found that some shrews had built a nest in her vents. We removed them humanely and got the ventilation clear and working as good as new. Tonya was able to move back into a warm house later that night!

Story 2: Jeremy

The second story involves a hot summer day in Boston, MA. Local Boston resident Jeremy got home from working at the pizza shop down the street to find that his pet cat and dog were laying on the floor almost passed out from the heat. He had air conditioning, so he was confused as to why the apartment was so hot. He quickly found out that the unit in the building was broken. He gave us a phone call and we were down there lickety split. We located the problem and fixed that air conditioning unit in a jiffy. Boy, were the tenants of that building happy to see us!

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